When your car’s getting serviced – use ours.

When your car‘s getting serviced — use ours.

We all know how dependent everyone‘s become on having a car — for most of us, we just can‘t imagine getting through our normal day without our own transport. And sometimes we even think that for many people, that‘s the reason their cars aren‘t always serviced when they‘re due. That‘s why we figured we‘d do our little bit to help out and let you use our courtesy cars for the day.

So we reckon that that‘s the end of your excuses — the ones that cause you to delay getting your car‘s scheduled service simply because you won‘t have transport for the day, the ones that mean instead of bringing your car in for a change of filters and oil and a check-over, it ends up coming in for an urgent repair.

If you want to use one of our courtesy cars, you‘ll need to make arrangements with us well in advance. Call us, send us a message or complete the ’enquiry form‘ by clicking the link on the right. We‘ll let you know what days the car‘s available and if you want to go ahead, we‘ll reserve it for you.