Kick-back and relax while you leave the work to us

It’s the extras that make us special.

We understand that getting your car serviced is not necessarily the highlight of your year. In fact, it’s often a bit of a grudge purchase that’s not likely to create the same enthusiasm as a holiday away or a meal out.

So we go to a lot of trouble to make things easier for you and hopefully we can offset some of that lack of interest.

If you want to wait around while we’re servicing your car, we have our own customer lounge where you can sit, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, watch TV or read a magazine. But if you’d rather go home and attend to some chores or maybe be get to Cockburn Central to visit the shops, we can arrange to drop you off and collect you later (we’re assuming here that you don’t live too far away). We’ll even let you use our courtesy car if it’s available.

Give us a call, send us an email or complete the ‘enquiry form’ by clicking on the link on the right.